House Music Today

House Music. The music needed most in these current times. House music is a vibration filled with joy, dance, and movement. At the same time, it is a political statement that represents the freedom, liberation, and resistance for communities of color. But people may forget this grassroots legacy now that house music has been white washed and rebranded into the image of underage white teens dancing in festivals under the influence of a potion of drugs. But it is more important than ever to remember the roots of house music today, especially in today’s political climate and American Crisis.

Songs like “Promised Land,” “Gypsy Woman,” and “Can You Feel It,” tell a story of acceptance, hope, and humility. These are values that we truly need today, to bring nations, communities, and people together under one house, not by forced entry as we have seen from White Supremacist America.

As a house music DJ born in a few generations after the birth of house, I choose to continue the legacy.

America’s current events are in complete contradiction with these values.

Every house DJ must learn these principal foundations before even thinking about commoditizing this music, which fights for your healthcare, voice, and needs.

The spirit of house music fights for your healthcare, voice, and needs.

House Music is more than just a genre of music, it is a spirit that fights for your healthcare, voice, and need.